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Onet Classic Legend


Onet or paopao classic legend is a very popular game of the 21st century, with extremely simple gameplay plus pictures of adorable animals but has special powers, but it is very difficult to achieve a high score. You have to be very sharp-eyed to find the same pictures and connect them to just follow the road rules. Onet legend is a free game, the addition of new features to facilitate more consistent with common telephony equipment. Let's play and experience all of you.Features: - Automatically save game screen at any time (even if your computer has the problem) - The communist regime handsomely point ^^ - Find and connect two identical form by 3 lines - You have 10 times converting screen when no longer any valid ramp - Image and sound - With 20 different screens, and 10 levels of increasing difficulty (each time playing all the 20 different screens, the game will switch to 1 new plays with time shortened) - Easily adjust the volume of the game at will.- Top score Please send feedback to us to date a more complete game. Have fun